The topics of the meeting, announced by the White House and the office of the British Prime Minister, are further assistance to Kyiv and new sanctions against the Kremlin.

On Tuesday, April 19, there is a video broadcast on Ukraine, which is attended by President Joe Biden and leaders of countries that are allies and partners of the United States.

Among the participants of the meeting are British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other heads of state and government of the G7 countries, as well as representatives of the European Union and NATO.

The participants of the meeting will discuss measures aimed at supporting Ukraine and countering the Russian military invasion. This is stated in a previously published message from the White House.

“The President will hold a conversation with allies and partners via secure video link to discuss continued support for Ukraine and efforts to hold Russia accountable within our close coordination,” the document says.

It is noted that the conversation will be held in a closed mode for the press.

On the eve of the meeting, the press service of the British Prime Minister announced that Boris Johnson intends to raise the issue of new sanctions against the Kremlin.

“The next phase of the war [in Ukraine] is likely to be a war of attrition and may last several months,” the British government said in a press release. – Russia will try to use its numerical advantage in manpower, but Ukraine has already demonstrated that this factor alone is unlikely to be decisive. Some signs suggest that Russia has not learned lessons from the mistakes it made earlier in the north of Ukraine.”