In connection with the release of the Steam Deck console, Valve CEO Gabe Newell spoke to a number of publications and in new interviews revealed information that we did not know about before. For example, about which MMORPGs the cult creator of the most popular game store plays.

As it turns out, Newell plays Final Fantasy XIV on his Steam Deck and has already put in a ton of hours on it. And one of his sons contributed to this, because before that Gabe was a fan of World of Warcraft.

I burned out from World of Warcraft. It got to the point that they introduce a new maximum level, I rush into battle … I play for about ten minutes, and the brain melts. So I didn’t play an MMO at all for a while.

And then my son got into Final Fantasy and got pissed off by whoever he raided with. So he said: “Okay, I need a minion. Dad, be my minion. Be the healer who won’t let me, the tank, die.” So I started playing with it, and have already played a lot of hours on Steam Deck.