The plane of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was returned to the country after more than eight years. All these years, he underwent maintenance abroad, writes the publication Libya Observer.

The Airbus airliner (A340-213) has been in France since August 2012, and before returning home, it was also sent to Turkey — there it passed the final stage of maintenance.

The airliner was returned on June 20 and was met by Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh and several other officials. The prime minister said that France actually seized the plane after the overthrow of Gaddafi, explaining these financial and administrative problems. However, now the Libyan side has paid the entire amount that the maintenance cost.

Dbeibeh stressed that the return of the plane is particularly important for the sovereignty of Libya: in this regard, he promised to return another 15 confiscated vessels. Now the fate of the liner should be decided by the residents of the country.

After the assassination in 2011 of Muammar Gaddafi, who had ruled since 1969, there was a situation of dual power in Libya. Currently, in the east, in the city of Tobruk, the parliament is sitting, which is supported by the Libyan National Army of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, and in the west in Tripoli-the Government of National Accord. At the same time, the GNA is actively supported by Turkey, and Egypt and Saudi Arabia are on the side of the LNA. In this regard, relations between Turkey and Egypt deteriorated, the countries moved to confrontation.

The UN-sponsored Forum for Libyan Political Dialogue has appointed the country’s transitional executive. She must rule until the general election scheduled for December 24, 2021.