A family in Great Britain kept sculptures from the times of Ancient Egypt in the garden and did not know about it.

A couple of garden decorations were found in a British family, which turned out to be real historical artifacts: they are about 5 thousand years old.

The owners were a family from the small town of Claire, Suffolk, UK: they believed they were just copies of Egyptian statues. The real value of the sculptures became known when the family decided to sell them at auction, as they were changing their place of residence.

Initially, the statues were exhibited for $ 680 and $ 410. After experts evaluated the lots, it turned out that these were not copies, but original ancient Egyptian artifacts.

The stone sphinxes were not in the best condition: the owners repaired them themselves, and one of the statues fixed the fallen off head with cement. Despite this, both lots were bought by the art gallery for $265,000.

Now experts will be engaged in establishing the exact age, as well as the fate of the artifacts.

I wonder where they’ve been for the last five thousand years. This is truly incredible!

James Mander, Auction House Representative