Gas prices in Europe, after reaching $ 1,300 per thousand cubic meters by the close of trading, reduced the growth rate by three times — from 12% to about 4% — and dropped to almost $ 1,200, according to data from the London ICE exchange.

The price of April futures on the index of the largest European hub TTF at the opening of the trading session amounted to 1194.3 dollars — this is the minimum price of trading, 2.4% higher than the estimated price on Monday (1166.3 dollars). Then the quotes accelerated the growth rate to 12%, reaching a maximum of $ 1305.7.

Then prices — against the background of the negotiation process between Russia and Ukraine and some easing of geopolitical tensions — dropped sharply to almost $ 1,200, after which they again moved to an increase to about $ 1,290. The latest futures contracts fell slightly, and the closing price was $ 1,211.3, which is 3.9% higher than the estimated price the day before.