It is planned to install new generation Ultium batteries on these machines.

The auto giants of the USA and Japan, General Motors and Honda, have agreed to develop and produce new models of electric vehicles together. As noted in a joint statement issued by corporations on Tuesday, it is planned to install Ultium batteries of the new generation, created by General Motors specialists, on these machines.

“Our companies are working to ensure the global production of millions of electric vehicles starting in 2027, including compact crossovers, using the technological and design resources available to both companies. Companies will work to standardize equipment and processes in order to produce world-class machines at affordable prices. The crossover segment is the largest in the world, the annual volume of their production reaches 13 million cars,” the statement says.

The companies also intend to “discuss the possibility of cooperation in the development of technologies for future batteries for electric vehicles in order to reduce their cost and improve performance.” Ultium batteries were introduced in March 2020. According to the developers, they provide a power reserve of up to 650 km and allow you to accelerate from 0 to 60 km / h in three seconds.

Both corporations already produce a number of models of electric vehicles, in particular Chevrolet Bolt (General Motors) and Clarity BEV (Honda).