The story of the poisoning of 44-year-old Alexei Navalny and his recent imprisonment received a great public response. Many Russian celebrities spoke out in support of the politician, who even went to protest actions in January.

However, Western countries have reacted immediately to what is happening in Russia over the past few weeks. Many representatives of European countries and the United States called on to release Navalny. Actor George Clooney, 59, and his 43-year-old wife, human rights lawyer Amal, also expressed concern about the situation. The couple released a statement and noted that they would follow the upcoming trials in Alexei Navalny’s case.

Alexei Navalny is currently in jail based on a conviction. The European Court of Human Rights has defined as “unfounded and manifestly unjustified” and for which Russia was to pay compensation to Navalny. We also note that Navalny was poisoned and nearly died, with the evidence pointing directly to the Putin regime. This crime must be independently investigated, and the perpetrators must be brought to justice as soon as possible, says their statement, which was released on behalf of their foundation.