The actor spoke about the shock he experienced.

The other day, George Clooney decided for the first time to tell how it happened that, having lived to 55 years without children, he suddenly decided to become a father. The actor told about it during the WTF with Marc Maron podcast.

As George honestly admitted, he had never wanted to get married or have children before. At the time, he was absolutely sure of this. Clooney even made a large bet with Michelle Pfeiffer, with whom he has always maintained friendly relations that he would remain a childless bachelor. So when he met Amal and decided to make her his legal spouse, he had to give Pfeiffer 100 thousand dollars, which he had bet her.

“I didn’t want to get married, I didn’t want children. But when this exceptional woman came into my life, I fell madly in love. And from the minute I saw her, everything changed.” George said.

One day, as Clooney said, when about a year after the wedding with Amal, held in Venice, he was visiting friends, they saw there a small and rather noisy son of the owner of the house. But it was this boy who suddenly pushed them to think. When George and his wife decided to go for a walk, she suddenly told him that, in her opinion, they were extremely lucky in life — after all, they met each other. And she added that it would be nice to share her happiness with someone else. And this idea was warmly approved by Clooney.

So they decided, as George put it, to try to have children. This was quite problematic because he was no longer a boy, and Amal was almost 40 years old at that time. But, contrary to the fears of the couple, Amal managed to get pregnant very quickly. However, George was in for a surprise. At the first ultrasound, he found out that Amal was expecting twins. As Clooney admitted, at that moment he experienced a real shock. According to George, he was not mentally ready for twins. And when he heard from the doctor that Amal was going to have a boy and a girl, he involuntarily let out a not quite censorious exclamation from surprise. However, now, if you believe George, he is just happy that he has two kids. After all, according to Clooney, they are so funny that they make him laugh every day. And during the quarantine on the occasion of the pandemic, he was able to appreciate that his children, although they could not see their friends, were never bored, because they were able to play with each other.