George Clooney speaks about his feud with Russell Crowe

The current conflict between the two grey-haired handsome men began with an offensive statement by Crowe, who accused Clooney of dishonouring Hollywood and exchanging art for cheap advertising. In particular, the actor recalled Clooney shooting for a coffee commercial and called Clooney a “cheap clown.” He also stated that, unlike Clooney, he “respects his audience.”

According to Clooney, the feud between them arose for quite some time. Back in 2013, George told Esquire magazine that Russell even sent him a book of poetry as an apology for all the offensive things he said for no reason. Obviously, time heals, and over the years, Clooney has become wiser enough to forgive his offenders. Seven years later, Clooney decided to publish a so-called “personal list of former enemies – albeit not so long, but impressive”, which included Russell Crowe. Clooney remembered how Russell had once lamented that he was not as popular as De Niro or Harrison Ford. Then Clooney was surprised at this statement and asked him: “Where did you get this, buddy?”

When asked by a journalist why his list is not so long, Clooney replied that he was “tired of the struggle and decided to give up.” Now George prefers watching the show of Chrissy Teigen to squabbles and insults.

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