Even though Italy’s football season is still in full swing, 36-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Juventus, finds time for his personal life.

The Portuguese footballer is a famous family man, so whenever possible he tries to spend time with his loved ones – 26-year-old lover Georgina Rodriguez and children: 10-year-old Cristiano Jr. (Ronaldo does not disclose her mother’s name), three-year-old twins Eva and Mateo (they gave birth to surrogate mother) and three-year-old daughter Alana, born Georgina.

Ronaldo took himself a short vacation and, together with his beloved, went to the ski resort on the Val Veni slope. The couple timed the trip to Rodriguez’s birthday, which she celebrated on January 27.

The lovers turned out to be big fans of snowmobiling, which Ronaldo managed expertly. The couple enjoyed their vacation, enjoyed the snow and admired the winter landscapes.

However, the trip was marred by a scandal. It turned out that the lovers violated the rules related to the coronavirus pandemic, as they crossed the border between the regions of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta, and these regions are in the orange danger zone, so you cannot move between them.

However, judging by their happy faces and joyful emotions, the trip was worth it – Georgina’s birthday was clearly a success. Congratulating his beloved on holiday, Ronaldo called her “the love of my life,” She said that she was fortunate with him and the children.