Olaf Scholz believes that the embargo on gas from Russia will not stop the war, and ill-considered supplies of Western weapons to Ukraine may lead to an escalation of the conflict.

The NATO bloc is obliged at all costs to avoid a direct military confrontation with Russia, since this could lead to a third world war. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said this in an interview with the German newspaper “Spiegel,” published on Friday, April 22.

The head of the German government was also asked why official Berlin is in no hurry to start supplying heavy military equipment to Ukraine, primarily tanks.

Chancellor Scholz replied that just such a step could potentially lead to a military confrontation between Russia and NATO, since no documents clearly state which actions can be classified as Germany’s direct participation in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

“That is why it is extremely important that we think about each of our steps very carefully and coordinate them closely with each other. Avoiding an escalation involving NATO is my priority, so I don’t focus on the results of the polls and don’t pay attention to anyone’s screams. The consequences of any mistake can be large–scale,” Olaf Scholz said.

He also noted that a complete Western embargo on the import of Russian natural gas will not stop the military conflict in Ukraine, but will only lead to a serious economic crisis in Germany and throughout Europe, and his government is trying to avoid this.

If the entire European economy suffers, the chancellor added, it will also create difficulties for financing Ukraine during its recovery after the end of the war.