The owner of a barbershop in Bayreuth, Germany, sold for 422 euros the first haircut entry since the barbershops closed last December.

Hairdressers and other similar establishments (beauty, massage and spas) have been closed in Germany from December 16, 2020, as part of the restrictions imposed on November 2 to combat the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. Hairdressers will reopen from March 1st.

The hairdresser Andreas Nuissl from Bayreuth decided to sell the first haircut entry after opening through an auction he arranged on eBay. Nuissl posted the announcement on February 10. The final offer was made on February 20 by a resident of the city Michael Hopf – 422 euros.

At the same time, Nuissl ‘s money – as he immediately wrote in the announcement – will send to support two public organizations, one of which is engaged in projects to help children in Germany and around the world.

On Sunday, Nuissl wrote on social media that the auction was closed. At the same time, an additional 1,310 euros were collected in donations. Nuissl will continue his fundraising campaign for public organizations in March, he said on Facebook.