President Trump spoke about the intention to reduce the number of American troops.

BERLIN-the Heads of government of four German States have asked members of the US Congress to block plans to withdraw US troops from Germany. This is evidenced by the letters, which were reviewed by Reuters on Sunday.

In June, President Donald Trump said that he intends to reduce the number of US military personnel in Germany by 9500 people, bringing it to 25 thousand, saying that the NATO ally does not meet the Alliance’s targets for defense spending, and accusing Germany of exploiting the US in trade.

The heads of government of the four southern states where US military bases are located addressed letters to 13 US lawmakers, including senators Mitt Romney and Jim Inhofe.

“We ask you to support us as we try not to break the bonds of friendship, but to strengthen them and protect the US presence in Germany and Europe in the future,” the Prime Ministers of Bavaria, Hesse, Baden – Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate wrote.

A spokesman for the US Embassy in Berlin declined to comment. In June, Washington said the move would “strengthen Russia’s deterrence, strengthen NATO and embolden allies.”
However, the heads of government pointed out that American troops stationed on their lands “are the core of the American presence in Europe and determine the ability of NATO to act.”