The German company Volocopter has shown tests of a heavy cargo drone: it is capable of carrying 200 kg of cargo over 40 km.

The first video of the VoloDrone cargo drone has been published, it has been developed since 2019. The drone was able to lift the box into the air to a height of 22 m and in three minutes moved it to the nearest parking lot.

One full charge of the batteries is enough to transport a load of 200 kg at a distance of up to 40 km. VoloDrone plans to complete the certification of the devices within two to three years.

The VoloDrone has a frame with 18 electric motors and is 2.15m high: most of that distance is the chassis to which the cargo is attached.

At maximum load, the VoloDrone’s takeoff weight reaches 600 kg, as it is equipped with heavy batteries.

So far, drones can deliver cargo within line of sight, but the company said that by 2025 they will deploy a massive transport network, in which long-distance flights will be available. It will include 18-screw flying VoloCity taxis, as well as VoloPort passenger and cargo stations.