The buildup of the Russian military presence on the Ukrainian border forces Berlin to deploy additional troops in Lithuania, according to German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht.

In an interview with the Funke media group, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht noted that her country “is already making an important contribution to Lithuania’s security.” “Additional forces are possible as reinforcements, and at the moment we are negotiating with Lithuania to find out exactly what makes sense to take in this regard,” Lambrecht said.

NATO has already deployed four multinational combat units totaling about 5,000 troops in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The United States, as already reported, has sent about 3,000 additional troops to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank in Poland and Romania. At the same time, Russia, denying plans to invade Ukraine, has concentrated about 100 thousand troops on its border in Russia and Belarus.

Lambrecht again ruled out the possibility of supplying Kyiv with weapons, despite the fact that the Ukrainian Embassy in Berlin sent a list with specific requests to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense of Germany. It included missile defense systems, electronic warfare equipment, night vision devices, digital radios, radar stations and military ambulances.