German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she opposes new us sanctions against Russia. We are talking about the restrictions that America has decided to accept because of the “Nord stream-2” pipeline.

Merkel said that Germany opposed to the “extraterritorial sanctions.” The Chancellor noted that this attitude to the problem of the country appeared not only now — it also applies to the situation in Iran.

“I do not see any other possibility but to negotiate, but to negotiate decisively, that we do not accept this practice, that these extraterritorial sanctions have an impact, we will look at how things will develop around the Nord stream-2.”

On Tuesday, December 17, the US Senate agreed on a defense budget of $ 738 billion. This amount includes funds aimed at military assistance to Ukraine, as well as sanctions against the “Nord stream-2.” Donald Trump has not yet approved the document, but previously stated that he is ready to sign it.

Earlier, the leader of the European people’s party, German politician Manfred Weber also criticized the introduction of new sanctions against the pipeline. He rebuked the German authorities that they are not making enough efforts for the protection of the project.