The German government in early June suggested that EU member States jointly imposed sanctions against Russia for a large-scale cyberattack on the German Bundestag five years ago. Still, a decision on this issue has not yet been made, the DPA agency reported, citing a copy of the government’s official response to the so-called small request of the Left Party faction in the German Parliament.

The German government believes that the Russian military intelligence service GRU is involved in the cyberattack on the Bundestag. On May 5, the Federal Prosecutor’s office of Germany issued an arrest warrant for Russian citizen Dmitry Badin, who “as a member of the hacker group ART28 allegedly led a cyber-attack on the German Bundestag in April-May 2015.”

If EU countries accept the German proposal, this will be the first time that the EU sanctions regime for cyber-attacks — legislation adopted back in 2017-will be applied. The official response to the request of the Left party faction States that “the Federal government justified the proposal to impose sanctions within the EU with materials obtained from both intelligence services and publicly available sources.”