This was stated by the head of the German Foreign Ministry Annalena Baerbock.

Germany is studying the question of what additional maintenance and what ammunition is needed for the Marder infantry fighting vehicles available in the Bundeswehr so that Ukraine can use them, German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock said.

On the second day of her tour of the Baltic States, Baerbock reacted to criticism from allies and commentators about Germany’s delay in supplying weapons to Ukraine.

“There is no taboo for us regarding armored vehicles and other weapons that Ukraine needs,” the German Foreign Minister said at a joint press conference with Estonian Foreign Minister Eva–Maria Liimets on Thursday.

Earlier, Bild newspaper accused Chancellor Olaf Scholz of blocking the supply of tanks.

As many analysts emphasize, Ukraine urgently needs heavy weapons to resist Russia, which is seeking to seize territories in the eastern Donbass today.

According to experts, if earlier light weapons and tactics of Ukraine allowed it to slow down the Russian offensive in the west of the country, now that Russia is focused on capturing Donbass, Ukraine needs heavy weapons, in particular tanks and howitzers.

However, Baerbock stated that the priority is to quickly provide Ukraine with old Soviet weapons that its military could use without additional training, and that for this it is necessary to replenish the stocks of allied countries that have such weapons with modern German equipment.

She added that the German armed forces themselves are experiencing a shortage of equipment, noting that German peacekeeping missions in Africa do not have all the helicopters they need.

Answering a question from journalists about whether the German Leopard tank will be sent to Ukraine, Baerbok said that Ukrainian troops will need training to use such modern equipment and that Berlin will pay for this training.

“We are providing one billion euros, because we have to think not only about the coming days and months, but also about the next years, and about the systems necessary for Ukraine’s defense not only now, but also for a free Ukraine in the future,” the German Foreign Minister explained. “We know that every day is important.”