The elections were held in the framework of the FIFA Congress in Paris. Infantino was the only candidate for the presidency of the organization.

Gianni Infantino was re-elected to the post of FIFA President on an uncontested basis. The meeting of the Congress of the organization in Paris, where the elections were held, is broadcast on the FIFA channel on YouTube.

Earlier in his speech at the Congress, Infantino thanked Russia in Russian for organizing and holding the World Cup 2018. “We want to thank Russia for organizing the tournament. Thank you, Russia.” The last phrase the FIFA President uttered in Russian.

Infantino called last year’s World Cup the best in history. According to him, during the tournament, the whole world saw that Russia is not a country of violence and bureaucracy, as previously reported by the media.

Infantino headed FIFA from 2016. In this position, he replaced Joseph Blatter, who was suspended because of a corruption scandal. New term Infantino calculated until 2023.

In February 2019, FIFA stopped accepting applications from potential candidates for the presidency of the organization. Infantino was the only candidate. The 49-year-old functionary was supported by 196 national federations.