American supermodel Gigi Hadid is considering leaving the modeling business for good. The celebrity frankly stated this the other day in a conversation with reporters. For the first time, Hadid first thought about ending her work forever after the birth of her daughter by Zayn Malik. Baby Hai changed her mother’s perception of the world, Hadid began to think about a more stable job.

“I would love to go to the same office or studio several days a week, with the same team, the same people, where there will be a small playroom that I can make for Hayya at my work.” she noted.

Now, apparently, Hadid intends to translate what she wants into reality.

“I made all my fashion dreams come true and thought – what now ?. I don’t need a new cover or ad campaign. I would rather leave this place to a new person, someone who really cares about it. This is the place for a person whose life will change through a career. I want to give way to the next generation”, – quotes the words of the star magazine i-D.