26-year-old Gigi Hadid appeared on the cover of the new issue of the American Harper’s Bazaar. In the title photo, the model poses in a jacket and a Gucci shirt, but inside the magazine you can find more brutal shots of Gigi in a wig with 1950s styling, posing in a masculine manner.

In a conversation with a journalist, Hadid, who first became a mother in September last year, spoke not only about her career but also shared sweet stories about her family.

Although this does not mean at all that I do not have a heart or Bella does not have a brain, but when it comes to family matters or discussing some world problems, my mother calls me the brain, and Bella – the heart. Our brother Anwar is somewhere in between. Whatever the discussion at the family dinner, Bella will be very emotional and compassionate, and I sit there, laying out diagrams and infographics, and speak very calmly.

My mother is a typical Dutch woman in this regard, she loves precision in everything. But my dad is a storyteller who will definitely add: “Oh, have you heard the old Palestinian saying …”, Gigi told about family meetings.

The model also admitted how her lover, 28-year-old Zayn Malik, managed to join this family circle.

At first he obviously thought only: “How can I insert a word?” But now he feels very comfortable. He gives his opinion. When family matters are discussed and everyone asks, “Zayne, which side are you on?”, He is adorable. He’s usually on my mom’s side. So he’s smart in that sense, Gigi added.

Hadid also talked about how she and Zane spend time with their daughter Hai. Most of all they like to walk in the woods, listen to Bollywood music and hum the girl songs in Arabic, which she really likes. The baby also shows interest in the world around her. According to Gigi, she really enjoys watching birds and animals.

The model also said that they had already taken High to the aquarium, as at home she was very interested in the jellyfish, which she saw on the screensaver. Gigi also admitted that she plans to teach Hai how to ride when the time comes – then mom and daughter will be able to ride horseback riding together (recall that Gigi and her sister Bella were seriously involved in horse riding, and now this is their favorite hobby).

In the conversation, Hadid also recalled the time of pregnancy, which fell on the peak of lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic.

During pregnancy, I had one diary, which I called my good diary, and one diary, which I called my bad diary. They weren’t so literal, but one was more for memories, for Hai. Maybe one day I’ll give her a bad diary to read, just so she can see the truth. There were my worries on the days when I thought, “Am I good enough to be a mom?”

I didn’t want to feel guilty about these thoughts or about writing this, but I just like to share. I also have sketchbooks where I do watercolor sketches, and sometimes I write there too. I write on the back of the checks and keep them in a notepad. I’m not very selective, and my diaries are everywhere in the house. I just grab what is at hand and write, the model said.