Gina Carano has long established herself as a tough and strong-willed person. This is evidenced by her career as a professional MMA fighter and irreconcilable statements on social networks. After Lucasfilm and Disney’s executives decided that the actress had completely crossed the line and fired her from The Mandalorian, it was clear that the former Kara Dune would not give up without a fight.

Carano gave a lengthy interview to The Daily Wire, in which she revealed the whole ins and outs of her exclusion from the Star Wars universe. In particular, the actress said that she was not the only one who was harassed and intimidated by the studio’s top ranks.

“I went through a lot, and I clearly saw all the bullying that took place. I saw it before. I’m not the only one who this company has ever bullied, and I know this firsthand. I could share a story that would turn the situation around in the media, but I don’t want to because otherwise, I will substitute a friend. Everyone is afraid of losing their jobs, ” shared Gina.

True, the actress is now posing as a victim and appeals to those who sympathize with her plight does not touch the majority of fans of The Mandalorian. Carano crossed all boundaries when she compared the current political situation in the United States with the genocide of Jews in Nazi Germany. Therefore she now has much more ill-wishers than loyal fans.