Giovanni Malagò re-elected president of Coni with 80% of the votes

Giovanni Malagò reconfirms himself at the helm of Coni for his third, and last, term. The victory of the outgoing president took place in the first voting with an irremovable quorum of 38 votes. Malagò obtained 55 preferences (79.71% of the valid votes cast) against 13 by Renato Di Rocco (18.84%) and 1 by Antonella Bellutti (1.45%). Present in the hall of the Tennis Club Milano Alberto Bonacossa where the National Elective Council was held, 72 of the 74 entitled, absent for health reasons, the n. 1 of the Italian Sailing Federation Francesco Ettorre and the colleague of the Italian Dance Sport Federation, Enzo Resciniti. To complete the ballot there was also a blank ballot and a blank ball in addition to the Commissioner of the Italian Shooting Union, Igino Rugiero, who chose not to cast his vote. In the two previous electoral rounds that saw him prevail, Malagò had obtained 40 votes against Raffaele Pagnozzi’s 35 in 2013 and 67 votes out of the 75 eligible four years ago.

The statements

“I will not spare myself, I will look for those thirteen people who voted for Renato to tell him what we can still do together, I will tell him that you can be strong and credible even in these moments of storm”, the first words of Malagò after the victory. In the speeches of the three candidates who preceded the vote, various topics were addressed. Renato Di Rocco has relaunched the idea of ​​a Coni television. “The closure of the second channel of Rai Sport has taken away the possibility of giving visibility to many disciplines”, declared the former n. 1 of the Federciclismo, «we need a Coni television channel, also through Sport and Health, because even a few minutes on the air are essential for all disciplines. It is possible to work digitally, on the web or on the OTT. “” The GDP of sport compared to that of the country has paradoxically grown, albeit slightly “, underlined Malagò,” for this reason we can ask for something more differently to the Government for the sports sector. Politics has two aspects: it is strong if we are weak and divided, it is weak if we are united and we show that we have clear ideas ». “Many people have asked me to apply, people who feel invisible in the Italian sporting context,” he said. Antonella Bellutti, «The attention for a female candidacy soon turned into an attention for a voice out of the chorus». For a woman president of Coni, however, we will still have to wait.

The new council

Silvia Salis (vicar vice president), Norma Gimondi, Gabriele Gravina (Italian Football Federation), Luciano Rossi (Italian Shooting Federation), Luciano Buonfiglio (Italian Canoe Kayak Federation) join the new National Council of Coni for the next four years. Giovanni Copioli (Italian Motorcycle Federation), Marco Di Paola (Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports), former volleyball player Antonella Del Core and fencer Paolo Pizzo in athletes ‘altitude, Emanuela Maccarani (Italian Gymnastics Federation) among the technicians, Sergio D’ Antoni for the regional committees, Claudia Giordani (vice president) for the provincial delegates and Giovanni Gallo for the sports promotion bodies (Polisportive Giovanili Salesiane). Carlo Mornati confirmed as General Secretary. “Five women in the council, including two vice presidents, are a wonderful sign,” said Malagò, “today it would be a sports policy suicide not to be united to carry out our demands. Wednesday (May 19, ed) I meet the undersecretary of sport Valentina Vezzali. The government must save our system, at least until they solve the problem of sport in schools ”.

Critical issues

There are many critical issues, starting with the 55% of sports clubs that have not yet reopened, as well as the 8% that will never reopen. “Coni will have to look for resources even outside those that are traditional circuits, a business culture will be needed”, continued the president, “we have a house and we want to make it even more beautiful and rich in content”. An applause also for the return of football to the Executive. “I am happy for the compactness of the team”, answered Gravina, “I think we can set innovative rhythms to give back to the world of sport the centrality it deserves”. Finally, a passage on professionalism. “It is not a question of a gender struggle but of civilization in our country”, specified the new vice president Salis, “we must not think it only for women but also for men, it is a battle that must be carried out together”. First appointment for the new council on 20 May when the standard-bearer will be announced at the Tokyo Olympic Games, three days later the Italian flag will be delivered to the Quirinale.

The mandate budget

At the end of the voting operations, the 2017-2020 Olympic four-year mandate budget was presented. The growth in commercial revenues is 40%, with a tripled incidence of the revenues of the IOC partners compared to the previous four years. Furthermore, in 2019 the historical peak of sportsmen practicing continuously was reached: 15 million 605 thousand, 26% of the Italian population aged three and over with an increase, since 2013, of over three million units.

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