Sales of new cars of this model are suspended. The recall will cost the company one billion dollars.

The American automaker General Motors announced the recall of 9335 Chevrolet Bolt electric cars of 2019 and 63,683 electric cars of the same model of 2020-2022.

The company estimated that the recall would cost one billion U.S. dollars. Electric vehicles are being recalled due to the risk of a battery fire.

GM added that due to the recorded cases of fire, the sale of the Chevrolet Bolt is suspended indefinitely. The automaker intends to seek compensation for costs from the supplier of LG batteries.

LG said that the amount of compensation for costs would be determined depending on the result of a joint investigation to find out the root cause of the fires.

The automaker, in turn, stressed that during the recall, it would replace defective batteries in all-electric vehicles.