We are talking about collecting data in the anonymous mode of using the Chrome browser.

Google has failed to convince a California state court to stop legal proceedings against it in a potentially multibillion-dollar case for illegally invading the privacy of millions of users in the anonymous mode of using its Chrome browser. Bloomberg reported this.

According to the plaintiffs, the corporation secretly collects information about users through the service to create statistics on visits to Internet sites Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, and other applications, including those installed on smartphones. It is noted that the collection of information is carried out even if the anonymous browsing mode is activated in the browser. “The court concluded that [the corporation] Google did not notify users that it was collecting data attributed to [the plaintiffs] when the user is in anonymous browser mode, ” the agency cites its decision.

In turn, the company intends to firmly defend its position, which is that all users when working with the search engine confirm the acceptance of the provisions of the privacy policy, which provides all information on data collection, and notes that “when you open a new window in incognito mode (anonymous browsing mode in the browser), websites can collect information about your activity.”

In June last year, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Google, according to which the corporation faces a fine of $5 billion. As pointed out by Reuters, behind the lawsuit, presumably, are millions of people who, since June 1, 2016, have used anonymous mode when browsing sites. For these violations, Google faces a fine of at least $5 thousand per user.