Google suspended business contacts with Chinese telecommunications company Huawei after the US authorities decided to blacklist the last.

In practice, this step means that the Chinese company will lose access to technology and software, except for those products that are available in the public domain. For example, Huawei will lose access to updates to the mobile operating system Android, which is equipped with smartphones of its production. In addition, the Chinese company will not be able to install programs developed by Google, such as the Google Play app store and email Gmail, on subsequent models of their mobile devices.

Now, such American IT companies as Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx, and Broadcom will join Google. Such measures were taken by these companies, as in the situation with Google, after US authorities decided to add Huawei to the blacklist.

On May 15, President Donald Trump signed an Executive order imposing a state of emergency to protect the US information and communications infrastructure from foreign threats. Later it became known that the US Department of Commerce has decided to make the Chinese company Huawei and related entities in its blacklist because of threats to national security. This decision came into force on May 17.