Dataminers from XDA-Developers have found out that Google is developing an analog of Apple’s Find My system for finding Android devices.

The information was found in the Google Play Services application code on 21.24.13. The leak says that users will be able to allow companies to find their own gadgets through Google services, as well as those of strangers.

For now, Google has a Find My Device app. Through it, you can view the location of your gadget, but only on the condition that the Internet is turned on on the device and there is a Google account. If in the future the program’s capability expands, then your smartphone will communicate in the background via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with nearby devices. If one of them is lost, a corresponding notification will be sent to the smartphone.

According to the latest statistics, there are now 3 billion active Android devices in the world and if they can communicate with each other, it will be a powerful search engine. True, the question remains for security.