Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Watch Active4 will work with Wear OS. The two companies also plan to involve Samsung in the development of the platform, borrowing some ideas and features from Tizen OS. Thus, Samsung and Google will try to promote Wear OS to more users.

Google also announced that it is working on an updated system that will make it easier to find WearOS apps right from Google Play. The faster the process, the more convenient it will be to install smartwatch software, which is important for the popularity of Wear OS.

For example, filters such as Clock and Dial can be used to search for and discover smart watch apps. Google will also offer a collection of pre-selected games to promote Wear OS on Google Play.

The current version of the online store will display content in the form of easy-to-use interactive maps that can be conveniently placed on the small screens of smartwatches. Making payments becomes even easier as you can open the transaction completion page on your Android smartphone or the URL in your web browser.

The changes will be available to all Google Play and Wear OS users within a few weeks.