The developers at Google are periodically making improvements to the Messages app, which is the default messaging app on Android devices. Previously, it added support for end-to-end encryption, and now it has become known about the beginning of the deployment of a function that allows you to change the font size of messages in chats without resorting to system-wide settings.

The font enlargement tool works quite simply. It is enough to open a chat and perform a gesture similar to that used to zoom in or out of images while viewing. When you spread your fingers, the text of messages in the chat will grow, but the application bar itself will remain the same size. To return to the original font size, just do the reverse gesture.

Timestamps and pop-up messages are adjusted accordingly, as well as tooltips and text in the message input field. However, icons such as contact avatars, the send message button, and other menu items remain the same size. The current font size applies to all conversation threads, but the main view of the list does not change.

Previously, users who needed to enlarge the text in the chats of the application had to go to the system settings and already there adjust the font size, but such changes affect the entire device. Now the developers have implemented the function of changing the font size at the application level, which is much more convenient. It is noted that the distribution of the new feature has just begun, so at present it may only be available to a subset of users of Android devices.