Google opened a site with information about coronavirus. In addition, the company improved search results – before the usual results there will be displayed several links to verified sources and a map of the spread of the virus.

Useful links can be found on this site, including a map of confirmed cases of coronavirus. A Google post announcing the site notes that users can find “global health information, safety and prevention tips, search trends related to COVID-19, and other resources for individuals, educators, and companies.” Google takes this data from reputable sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Google will also publish enhanced information cards for users looking for more information about the coronavirus. There will be notes on the symptoms and prevention of the disease.

For queries similar to COVID-19, Google will first issue a video with useful instructions (for example, how to wash your hands), a map that shows confirmed cases of the disease and other useful sites – they vary depending on the country in which the user is located.

In the future, Google wants to publish information about local places for testing for viruses. But a company spokesman noted that Google will not do this until in most countries there is not enough authoritative and reliable information about the disease. According to him, it can take up to several months.