Google will create a service to access a quantum computer. Companies will be able to use their solutions to their own problems. This was stated by Google CTO Hartmouth Neven.

At the moment in the world, there are only a few dozen workable quantum computers, with which you can solve fairly complex mathematical or physical problems. Their work requires constant monitoring and regular ultra-low cooling, so it is not always possible to use them widely.

Earlier, in 2017, IBM made an interface that allows you to control the operation of a quantum computer and solve problems on it. This idea was supported by a large number of programmers.

Now Google plans to do the same. In order to bring the project to life, the company built a special computer center in Santa Barbara. An internal testing of the program is underway, which will form the basis of the system.

Google’s CTO noted that the company’s goal was to use quantum computers to analyze the data obtained by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopes used to study the structures of proteins and other molecules, as well as to prepare data for training neural networks.