Gravitational wave detector picks up a signal that appeared at the beginning of the universe

Scientists have found two unusual phenomena using a gravitational wave detector, it could be both new physics and dark matter.

The authors of the new work used the observatory (LIGO) – it has laser detectors to search for ripples in the fabric of space-time, or in other words, to search for gravitational waves.

Waves arise from collisions between black holes and neutron stars. These events are so powerful that they vibrate space-time and send waves several hundred kilometers away. In recent years, scientists have begun to develop detectors that respond to very small gravitational waves.

The authors of the new work used their new setting. This gravitational wave detector is like a bell: it rings when a gravitational wave hits it. During the 153-day experiment, he called twice, one or two seconds each time.

Now scientists are trying to figure out what it was. They assumed they were charged particles or cosmic rays.

Other speculations are one type of dark matter – an axion that orbits a black hole and emits gravitational waves. In addition, the authors believe that the received signal appeared during the formation of the Universe, namely during the period when it expanded and passed from one stage to another.

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