Like most Americans, 48-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow spent the Thanksgiving day with her family and friends. In honour of the holiday, the actress, along with her 16-year-old daughter Apple and 14-year-old son Moses, visited the grave of her father, film director Bruce Paltrow. Gwyneth told about this on her Instagram, having published a new photo with children.

“On November 26, I was able to visit my father’s resting place – it happened on his birthday. I was accompanied by two of my favourite people. Happy Thanksgiving. Life has incredible ups and downs. Perhaps feeling them at the same time is great art, ”she signed with her son and daughter Paltrow.

Recently, pictures with children, especially with her daughter Apple, have become a rarity on the actress’s Instagram. The fact is that somehow Gwyneth had the imprudence to share the picture of the heiress without her knowledge. The girl expressed her dissatisfaction with this circumstance, and from that moment, she forbade the star mother to publish her photo without asking. Therefore, Gwyneth probably posted a new picture only after Apple’s approval.

Apple and Moses are Gwyneth’s children, born to musician Chris Martin. After the divorce, the actress and Coldplay frontman remained on good terms and agreed to raise children together. From that moment on, Paltrow and Martin are in touch almost every day and often hold large family celebrations together. The musician with his beloved Dakota Johnson was even invited to honeymoon Gwyneth after she exchanged vows of love and loyalty with producer Brad Falchuk.

In a recent interview, Paltrow admitted that after breaking up with Chris, their relationship became closer, better and more trusting than in marriage. Gwyneth is convinced that the main secret of their friendship with Martin is to strive for a common goal – to make their children happy.

It’s like you got divorced but remained in the family. And it will always be so. Sometimes things are not as good as they seem. We also have good days and bad days, but I think that this leads in the end to one goal – cohesion, love and what is best for our children, – said Paltrow about the relationship with her ex-husband.