Gwyneth Paltrow rarely shows her children to Instagram subscribers – 16-year-old daughter Apple and 14-year-old son Moses, but in honour of Thanksgiving, she made an exception.

She signed her post: “On November 26, I had the opportunity to visit my father’s grave (on his birthday) with my beloved children. Happy Thanksgiving. Sometimes life has incredible ups and downs. Probably feeling and living it at the same time is art. “” In the photo, Gwyneth poses in a picturesque natural area with her children. It is noteworthy that in the photo the 48-year-old actress appeared completely without makeup.

Earlier, Gwyneth said that her daughter does not like it when her mother shares her photographs with her multimillion-dollar audience. Probably, this time, young Apple was not opposed to Gwyneth sharing a family picture with subscribers.

Moses and Apple were born in Gwyneth’s marriage to musician Chris Martin. Four years ago, the stars divorced but remained on friendly terms for the sake of children. Paltrow said more than once that she and Chris parted “deliberately” and worked for a long time to ensure that the divorce did not affect her son and daughter. The actress notes that they succeeded.

“The fact that we broke up does not mean that we cannot love in each other what we once loved. We wanted to do everything so that our children would not have trauma [due to the divorce of their parents]. We put them first. It turned out to be difficult because sometimes you don’t want to be with the person you are divorcing at all. But, if you decide to get together and have a family dinner, you do it no matter what, ”Gwyneth shared in an interview with Drew Barrymore.