Hailey Bieber, 24, continues to share her beauty secrets with fans. Not so long ago, the model told on Instagram how she struggled with perioral dermatitis for several years. The day before she became a guest of the Women’s Health Going for Goal podcast, she shared her other beauty secrets.

So, Justin Bieber’s wife, whose weight with an increase of 173 centimetres is about 49 kilograms, told how she keeps herself in shape. The star did not focus on nutrition but only told about her favourite workouts.

I really like Pilates and boxing. I go to the gym a couple of times a week to do strength and cardio workouts. However, I used to do ballet, so Pilates is exactly the kind of exercise that gets me in the best shape. Many of the movements in it are similar to dance, which is why I love this type of physical activity so much, – said Haley, adding that Pilates not only helps her to keep fit in physical terms but also has a positive effect on her mental health.

Then Bieber moved on to facials. Hailey said that the key to her glowing skin is double cleansing and using products with a high SPF factor:

I am fairly consistent with my day and night care. This is always a double cleansing of the skin – first with an oil-based product, and then with a foam. Next is the application of serum and moisturizer. I also use SPF cream every day. If I had understood earlier how important this is, I would have started using these funds before 24 years old. However, I think my skin will be grateful to me, anyway.

At the end of the conversation, Haley also admitted that she often suffers because of her media presence, especially after her wedding with Justin Bieber. According to the star, she is constantly hurt by criticism from haters on social networks, after which she has to sort out these problems with her psychotherapist. The model also talked a little about her husband’s struggle with Lyme disease, which she herself had once defeated.

I think that Lyme disease makes you take your health more seriously and listen to various symptoms. This disease is generally quite an interesting thing: many people do not believe in its reality. However, I had it, and I coped. My husband is currently struggling with Lyme disease. He is very seriously involved in this matter. The main thing in this business is finding the right doctors who will get to the bottom of any health problems you may have, Haley shared her experience.