Kat “Alpha” Zingano wants to get justice because she left the ring for the opportunity to shoot with Berry.

Zingano has already filed a lawsuit against the 55-year-old actress. According to the former UFC bantamweight title contender, Halle Berry promised her a spot in her directorial debut, In Bruises, but the 39-year-old had to make a tough choice to film there.

Alpha had an important fight in the UFC right during the filming of Bruised and she had to give it up to launch her career in the film industry. The promotion could not stand this – the contract with Zingano was terminated, but Berry, instead of calling the girl to the shooting, stopped communicating with her, quotes the words of Kat New York Post.

Zingano expects to force Halle Berry through the court to pay her compensation for material damage received after refusing the fight and subsequent dismissal from the UFC. However, Alpha signed a contract with another Bellator MMA promotion, which means that Berry did not completely ruin her life.

Bruised, starring Berry, launches on Netflix on November 24.