The U.S. Vice President reaffirmed her commitment to security and prosperity in this region.

The United States intends to continue working to strengthen relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This was announced by U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, speaking on Monday in Abu Dhabi to American journalists who accompanied her on a trip to the funeral ceremony of the previous leader of the Middle Eastern country Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

“We are here to discuss the strength of this partnership and this friendship, as well as our commitment to continue working in the future to strengthen these relations,” the deputy head of the U.S. administration said. Harris’ remarks were cited by her press pool.

“We are here as a delegation on behalf of the President [of the United States Joe Biden], the American people and our administration to express condolences to a friend and partner in the United Arab Emirates. And also to congratulate the new president [of the UAE] and to confirm the common commitment to security and prosperity in this region, to declare that these relations benefit the American people in terms of security and prosperity,” the Vice President stressed. She did not answer the question about what signal the UAE leadership had given Biden.

According to the vice president’s press pool, representatives of the U.S. print media were still allowed to meet Harris with the new president of the UAE, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, contrary to what the White House had said a little earlier. The White House representative had previously warned the journalists accompanying Harris that it was decided to let only photojournalists into the meeting. American reporters asked Harris at the meeting whether the parties discussed issues related to oil production. However, the vice president did not answer. According to the information provided by the press pool, his stay at the meeting lasted only “about a minute”.