U.S. Vice President speaks at Paris Peace Forum.

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at the Paris Peace Forum on Thursday, stressing the importance of fighting for equality.

“Today we are facing a sharp increase in inequality, and we must face this test with dignity,” Harris said.

She noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased inequality in many ways, but at the same time helped to draw attention to this problem.

“Our world is more interconnected and interdependent than ever before. The virus can spread around the world within a few months. A hacker in one country can disable the infrastructure in another. Emissions anywhere can increase air pollution everywhere,” Harris said. –And therefore, in the 21st century, the fight against inequality is a strategic imperative for each of us – for our security and our health, our common prosperity and our collective future.”

“For its part, the United States is committed to addressing the systemic gaps that exist in our country,” the Vice President continued. – This is a priority of our administration. Shortly before I arrived here, our Congress passed an important piece of legislation to make historic investments in our country’s infrastructure. Another bill that will support our country’s workers and families and help us fulfill our climate commitments will be passed soon. Together, these bills are designed to lift people out of poverty, give them the opportunity to work in a good job, and help overcome the gaps that remain in our country.”

“By making progress at home, we are aware of our obligations to other countries around the world,” Harris stressed. “That’s why we are doubling our funding for efforts to combat climate change in the most affected countries, promising to provide more than 1 billion vaccines worldwide and directing development assistance around the world.”

At the same time, the Vice President stressed that no country is capable of dealing with a problem of this magnitude alone, and called on governments, business leaders, and public figures to join forces to end inequality around the world.

“Moving forward, we will not burden ourselves with the way it was before. Let’s focus on how it can be. And let’s work together to build a better future,” Kamala Harris said.