Harvey Weinstein, convicted of rape, experiences vision problems and loses his teeth in prison. This was revealed by his lawyer Norman Effman when the former producer showed up in court to negotiate a postponement of extradition to Los Angeles on fresh charges of sex crimes.

In court, Harvey looked cheerful. He smiled and spoke affably with lawyers. However, Weinstein’s defence said that he was experiencing serious health problems.

Harvey’s lawyer noted that his client needs to undergo eye and dental treatment before being sent to Los Angeles. Effman clarified that Weinstein is already “almost blind” and needs eye surgery. He is also scheduled to consult a dentist: the prisoner has already lost four teeth.

But the Los Angeles prosecutor’s office has not yet agreed to give Harvey a reprieve and is seeking a positive result on 11 more charges against Weinstein. The producer, charged with violence and sexual harassment, was sentenced to 23 years in prison last March, and if convicted under the new counts, Harvey’s jail term could rise to 140 years. Earlier, Weinstein’s extradition was postponed several times due to the coronavirus pandemic.