Last weekend, 27-year-old Justin Bieber and his 24-year-old wife Hailey spent the singer’s homeland in Canada, where they came to visit his many relatives and celebrate the birthday of Bieber’s younger sister Bay.

Bieber’s parents separated even before he was born, but he maintains excellent relations with both of them and loves his brothers and sisters very much. Hayley also gets along well with her husband’s relatives. And his younger sister seemed to have aroused particularly tender feelings in her. This was noticed by Bieber’s subscribers, who wrote that the couple looks great with the baby.

You will be great parents.

Mother and father.

I can’t wait for them to become parents themselves, Justin’s followers write.

The spouses, however, are in no hurry to become parents. The model admitted that she used to want to become a mother at an early age, but after getting married, she changed her mind. All in good time, Haley says.

I am an ambitious girl and I have many projects. It will happen, but not now, she noted.

Bieber does not rush her spouse and believes that she should make the decision to replenish the family.

I think it all depends on Haley, because this is her body, Justin said.