Hayley Bieber and Kendall Jenner went to work out together in Los Angeles

Haley Bieber, 24, and her 25-year-old friend Kendall Jenner once again hit the paparazzi cameras. Together, the girls went to a Pilates workout in Los Angeles. Although the models chose early morning to visit the hall, they did not manage to remain unnoticed.

Photographers were already waiting for Haley and Kendall after the end of class and followed them until the moment when they both got into their cars and left on their business. For Pilates classes, Hailey Bieber chose a black set, consisting of leggings and a short top, and Kendall visited the gym in a similar fashionable image, only in chocolate colour.

Several photographers were waiting for Bieber and Jenner’s private cars, wishing to shoot them from various angles. The girls, already accustomed to the increased attention, tried not to pay attention to the reporters but were clearly not very happy with this meeting.

By the way, in one of her recent interviews, Justin Bieber’s wife admitted that in the first months after the wedding, she was very tired of the constant presence of the press in their lives. A lot of discomfort for Hayley was also caused by Internet users, who did not miss the opportunity to hurt her with their comments or just troll. To keep her mental health healthy, Hayley decided to limit her social media activities.

“I don’t even have Twitter anymore! Every time I went there, I realized that it was a toxic environment. The thought of even opening this app on my phone makes me feel nauseous, ” Hailey said.

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