Talks on the Internet about the allegedly loud quarrel between 27-year-old Justin Bieber and 24-year-old Haley Bieber in Las Vegas reached the participants of the “conflict” themselves. And yesterday Haley decided to dispel rumors about problems in the relationship with her husband. On Instagram, she shared a snapshot of them kissing with Justin and wrote that she had a great weekend.

“I remember how wonderful last weekend was. I had a great time and was surrounded by a lot of love. Any other statement of fact that circulates around is deceitful. Don’t believe the negativity of these nerds!” noted the model.

Recall that last weekend the couple spent in Las Vegas, where Bieber performed at two events. After one of his speeches, a video appeared on the network in which he talked with his wife. The singer was so emotional that some netizens thought he was yelling at Haley.

However, eyewitnesses who were present at this said that he was simply overwhelmed with emotions after the concert and was by no means rude to his wife.

He was on adrenaline from the performance. He was not angry with Haley and did not shout at her, they stood up for the singer.

Bieber himself did not comment on the scandalous situation, but after the trip he shared photos with his wife on the blog, in which they look happy and cheerful.