The time of WWDC 2019 was known in March, and at the end of May, journalists received official invitations to the event. Apple developers’ conference will be held from June 3 to 7.

On the first day, it will open with a presentation of fresh products. We will tell you about all the new products of the company as soon as they are shown from the stage of the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

By the way, the building of the exhibition center is already decorated:

At the presentation, we should see iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6, tvOS 13.
iOS 13 (Probability: 100%)

iOS 13

IOS 13 will definitely have a dark interface theme

There are dozens of innovations planned for iOS 13, but right after the dark theme we want to try the updated “Reminders”.

macOS 10.15 (Probability: 100%)

macOS 10.15

Before every WWDC, we wonder what the codename of the new version of macOS will be. This only affects the new standard Wallpapers, but it does not become less interesting.

According to MacRumors, Apple chooses between Mammoth (a mountainous area in the Sierra Nevada), Monterey (a historic location near the Pacific Ocean), Rincon (a surfing area in southern California), and Skyline (a picturesque Boulevard near the Santa Cruz mountain range).

All these names have opened the Apple trademarks, permission to use which the company regularly renews. Most likely, on June 3 we will see macOS 10.15 Monterey.

In addition to the new name from macOS 10.15, we are also waiting for the rejection of iTunes. Instead of one cumbersome application, which is frankly outdated, we should see several separate programs for specific tasks.

We will definitely see normal “Music” for Mac, new TV application and other software.

Perhaps Apple will give up the iTunes Store altogether to please Apple Music.

Also, using iPad as an additional screen for Mac. There is no need for additional software.

The only question is which iPads will support this feature, and how it will need to be connected to a computer: cable or via Wi-Fi.

watchOS 6 (Probability: 100%)

watchOS 6

Apple will add to it a full App Store to download applications without iPhone. And on the clock may appear “Calculator” and “Recorder.” Perhaps, new opportunities will also receive “Messages.”

tvOS 13 (Probability: 95%)

tvOS 13

We expect only Apple TV+from the new tvOS. But there is a possibility that the presentation will once again tell only about the service itself, and for the operating system will not find the time.

Mac Pro (Probability: 50%)

Mac Pro

The first unexpected guest of the presentation, which will open the conference of developers, maybe a new Apple computer for professionals — Mac Pro.

Its main feature should be a simple and quick upgrade. If the company allows changing the components, it will be able to attract additional users who sit on a full PC only because of the change of components.

The only question is what components will be installed in the new Mac Pro. It is likely that it will need to be certified, and it will make them prohibitively expensive.

iPhone SE2 (Probability: 10%)

iPhone SE2 is unlikely to be shown at WWDC 2019, but many are waiting for its presentation at this event.

iPhone SE2