An independent game designer, whose name is still unknown to us, is working on the Post Trauma horror film, inspired by Silent Hill 4.

So far, little is known about the game, except that the action will take place in the third person, as in Silent Hill and other classic horror movies, but sometimes we will switch to the first person view.

The creator of Post Trauma has tweeted a number of screenshots from the upcoming game, and the fragments shown on them look, if not frightening, then alarming. The author promises that he will not focus on battles, instead there will be a lot of puzzles in the game.

Currently, the shape designer has quit his job to devote all of his time to creating a game. And in the near future promises to release a demo version of Post Trauma. This is likely to happen on Steam, but no supported platforms have been named so far. Development is carried out on the Unreal Engine.