In the Game of Thrones prequel, Olivia Cook will play the Queen of Westeros, the second wife of Viserys I Targaryen.

While Game of Thrones fans eagerly await George R.R. Martin to finish his series of novels, HBO is preparing a House of Dragons spin-off about the Targaryen dynasty.

Not so long ago, the creators were forced to suspend production of the series due to a member of the film crew who had a coronavirus, but the actors have already returned to the set.

The performer of the role of the Queen of Westeros, Alicent Hightower, told Collider about the character of her heroine.

“It is very difficult, and I think people will want to see the worst in it,” said Olivia.

Alicente will have to fight for power with her husband Viserys and stepdaughter Princess Rainira Targaryen. The Queen wants her blood sons to inherit the throne, while Targaryen has no plans to concede to them.

Cook also promised that House of Dragons will be similar to Game of Thrones in that viewers will hate the character in one season and love him equally in the next.

The actress is sure that the audience will need time to understand Alicent’s motives.