The servants have already contacted the police.

Less than a week after Britney’s father announced his intention to give up custody, the singer again found herself in the center of a scandalous story. According to the pop star’s housekeeper, Spears attacked and beat her.

The victim contacted Ventura County Police, Pitchfork reported. She stated that on the evening of August 16, Britney Spears attacked her. The incident allegedly took place at Britney’s house. The woman was on the phone when the singer came up and snatched the gadget from her hands, after which she hit her.

Britney Spears’ lawyer Matthew S. Rosengart has denied the charges.

“This hyped, sensational tabloid hype is nothing more than a trumped-up accusation. Britney did take the cell phone. But she did not beat or injure anyone. Anyone can bring such a charge, so the case should be closed immediately, ”said the star’s defender.

The police also stated that the incident was classified as a “very minor misconduct” and confirmed that the “victim” was not injured.