The prince admitted that he began work on the memoirs, violating all the protocols of the royal family.

Prince Harry, 36, who emigrated from the UK to the United States in 2020 with his 39-year-old wife Meghan Markle, recently shocked the former with a sensational statement.

It became known that he was going to write a frank autobiographical book about himself and has already signed a contract for $ 20 million. In his memoirs, the prince plans to lay out all the secrets about life in the royal family.

This caused a real scandal in the United Kingdom. Analysts are confident that this work will be written under the dictation of Meghan Markle, who is known for her dislike of relatives.

Other insiders believe that Meghan and Harry just found an easy way to make themselves comfortable. They came out of the royal family, but can still only make money on this topic.

In addition, Harry by his act violated one of the most important protocols of the royal family. The fact is that his biography must be included in official books about the genealogy of monarchs and he cannot write it himself.

Royal biographer Angela Levin suggested that Harry would use Lilibet’s baptism, which is to take place in Windsor, for the PR of his book.

It is noteworthy that in Britain the queen is disparagingly called by the same name. However, the prince intends to baptize his second child in front of his beloved grandmother, reports the Daily Express.

In this regard, the laws on the regency may now change in the territory of the United Kingdom. It seems that none of the monarchs intend to allow Harry even close to the throne.

In fact, autobiography writing was fairly common among royalty. Back in 1951, Duke Edward, former King Edward VIII, published his first memoirs.

Five years later, his wife, Duchess Bessie Wallis Simpson, wrote an autobiographical book about her life. By the way, the king lost the throne precisely because he married twice divorced Simpson.

At the same time, the memoirs of Queen Victoria’s granddaughter, Marie-Louise, were published. She wrote a book called Memories of Six Kingdoms. A month after the publication of the publication, Maria-Louise passed away.

Another 10 years later, in 1966, the memoirs of her younger sister Alice were published. And in 1983, another princess, Alice, wrote her autobiography. She lived to be 90 years old and at this venerable age even published a sequel to her memoirs.

To date, the last person to write about her life in the royal family is Sarah, the Duchess of York. Her first book was published after her divorce from Duke Andrew, and the sequel was released in 2011.