How Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has changed: from a quiet boy to dresses and hairstyles

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is the most talked-about celebrity baby in the world. For many years, the biological daughter of the actors looked like a boy. But it seems that experiments with gender are in the past. Or is it not? We decided to remember what Shiloh looked like at different ages.

When Angelina Jolie was expecting her first child with Brad Pitt, the world was torn by thoughts of how insanely beautiful the biological child of the most perfect union would be. When it became known that a girl was born, there were even more fantasies about this. Shiloh was just a baby, and she has already prophesied the glory of the universal scale and the adoration of millions. And as soon as the star parents appeared with the baby in public, all these words were confirmed. Shiloh was angelically flawless!

However, over time, alarm bells began to appear, which no one paid attention to at first. Well, big deal, Jolie-Pitts cut their daughter’s hair short. So what if Shiloh almost always wears boring jumpers and trousers, and not dresses with ruffles and frills. Maybe actors raise children in the concept of minimalism and teach them modesty!

As time went on, Shiloh became more and more like a boy. She practiced martial arts and seemed to imitate the behavior of her foster brothers and father. And yes, skirts never appeared in her wardrobe.

The press was buzzing so loudly about the oddities of the appearance of the native daughter of celebrities that one day Angelina still commented on this.

The film star did not come up with elegant excuses but honestly admitted that Shiloh expressed a desire to become a boy even at the age of three. And even chose a new name for herself — John…

Was Jolie worried about the girl’s gender problems? Of course, yes! However, the star decided to side with Shiloh and support her in everything. Insiders said that Angie even overdid it and set her daughter up for more radical changes at some points, and Brad Pitt was already dissatisfied with this. It is believed that it was the principles of the actress’ upbringing that became one of the informal reasons for the couple’s divorce and a long trial regarding custody of children.

Fans hoped that over time Shiloh would get tired of boyish things and short hair and still change. But every year, this hope crumbled. And when the star heiress turned 13, rumors appeared on the Web that Shiloh had begun preparing for an official sex change! The girl wanted to change her name (to the same John) and takes hormones to “extinguish” puberty. Paparazzi pictures confirmed all this. Unlike her peers, Jolie-Pitt began to wear voluminous hoodies and shyly cover the chest area, which she did not dream of.

And yet, there is a feeling that John will never be in the Jolie-Pitt family. It is not known what exactly happened in Shiloh’s mind, but in 2020, after the peak of the pandemic, she appeared in public in a much more feminine guise than usual! The daughter of celebrities began to grow her hair and refused men’s clothing purely. Yes, at first, it was just unisex. However, blouses, jeans, and shorts of female models appeared behind it. A little more time passed, and Shiloh was noticed in classes at a famous ballet studio — most likely, the girl went there to get rid of the heaviness and stiffness that dictated to her from the past.

Neither Jolie nor Brad Pitt commented on the metamorphosis taking place with their daughter. It seems that the last red carpet on which Angie appeared with the children can be considered an official recognition that Shiloh has come to terms with her nature. An elegant off-the-shoulder dress, ballet flats, a drop of makeup-and the world finally saw Shiloh as it originally imagined her to be!

Of course, the girl shows how difficult she is given a new role. Will she get along with it, or will she still return to the idea of becoming a guy? Time will tell. Moreover, if you believe insiders, a couple of years ago, Jolie persuaded her daughter to spend part of her time in a male guise and part in a female one to determine her desires accurately. So there is a possibility that this is all just part of a big experiment that is happening in the life of a young star. In the meantime, we are betting, gentlemen!

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