Telecommunications giant Huawei is experiencing a negative impact of the restrictions imposed by the United States. The problems, as reported by the Financial Times on Sunday, citing senior employees of the company, are related to the search for alternatives to Google’s applications.

After the US Department of Commerce blacklisted Huawei on May 17, Google denied Huawei access to updates to the Android operating system. Huawei, according to its representatives, managed to abandon the equipment that the Chinese company bought in the United States, but to offer nothing in return for the computer technology acquired from Google is yet possible.

“After the publication of the blacklist, we were able to find some alternative solutions,” Joy Teng, Vice President of public relations at Huawei in the US, was quoted as saying. — The most difficult issue was the technology provided by Google. We can continue to use the Android platform because it is open, but we can not use the technologies that are involved in the operation of applications.”

At the same time, notes the Financial Times, Huawei said that the company’s sales grew by 27% over the past year. In addition, users of Chinese smartphones still have access to products provided by Google, due to the temporary exceptions granted by the United States from restrictions, but owners of new models of Huawei devices no longer have access to American-made applications.

In early August, the Chinese Corporation introduced its operating system Harmony OS, which should come to replace Android, however, according to Teng, more work needs to be done on the Chinese OS.

On May 15, US President Donald Trump signed an Executive order imposing a state of emergency to protect the information and communication infrastructure of the United States from negative foreign factors. In this regard, the US Department of Commerce on May 17, Huawei was blacklisted as a threat to the national security of the country. The management of the Corporation has repeatedly stated that it carries out commercial activities exclusively within the framework of the law.

Huawei Corporation was founded in 1987. It produces telecommunications equipment, as well as consumer devices, smartphones. The company’s products and services are available in more than 170 States. The Corporation was threatened with international economic sanctions after the US and Australia accused it of technical espionage and gathering classified information.