Huawei has expanded its range of similar devices to the never-released Apple AirPower triple wireless charger.

This is a wireless charging station that can charge three devices at the same time – for example, a smartphone, smart watch and wireless headphones (more precisely, their charging case). Plus, it uses a 3-layer 3D large coil design with a combined charging area, so you can even charge your tablet.

The charging power for each connected gadget is 15W, but only in the case of using Huawei devices. For third-party devices with Qi technology, the charging power is 10W.

In addition, the charging is also “smart”. For example, when placing keys or coins and other metal objects, the system automatically turns on the charge protection, and the indicator signals a problem. In addition, the gadget prevents overcharging and extends battery life.

The novelty will cost about $ 120. Pre-orders start on September 1st and sales are set to start on September 17th. There is currently no information on the global availability of this device.